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Selling your business is a life changing event.  When the time comes, it is critical to do it well and get a successful outcome.  A failed process can be hugely damaging to your business.

Watersheds are sufficiently confident we can do this that we only charge a fee when we deliver results.  We do not charge upfront fees or retainers. 

You will see from our past deals that we have a proven track record of selling to public companies, large overseas buyers, private equity, private trade buyers and high net worth individuals.

For us, selling a business is not about mass marketing to dredge up interest.    It is about being focused, and finding strategic buyers who will deliver the best value, in competition with each other.  We use our extensive network, research tools and some intelligent thinking to identify buyers who have a genuine reason to buy your business, and access to the funds to complete a deal.

We understand the need for confidentiality.  It is fundamentally important that staff, customers and competitors do not know that that the business is being sold until the deal is done.  We achieve this by only talking to genuine buyers, at the very highest level.  Comprehensive Non Disclosure Agreements are put in place before any information is disclosed.

Successful deals are those that are well planned and executed.   The best results are achieved through focus, careful planning and a proactive approach.   We see great benefit in helping our clients prepare the business for sale which means we may work with them for many months or years before the sale happens.  Even so, we still only charge fees when the deal completes.  Many deals fall over unnecessarily in due diligence.  With our involvement, we can identify and deal with any potential issues before we approach potential buyers.  This minimises the risk, both of the deal not completing, and the purchaser seeking to renegotiate the price. 

We regularly buy as well as sell businesses, giving us a really valuable insight into the mind and motivation of the buyer, which ultimately helps get deals done. 

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For more information call us on Northampton 01604 660511 or Swindon 01793 719788 or Crawley 01293 804514

For more information call us on Northampton 01604 660511 or Swindon 01793 719788 or Crawley 01293 804514