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Acquisitions can have a beneficial effect on the purchaser out of all proportion to the size of the transaction.  Whether it is to buy out a weaker competitor, utilise spare capacity, share overheads or consolidate the market, an acquisition can allow a business to grow much faster than it could organically.

For Watersheds, finding the right business to acquire is not about dredging the market to find anything to buy, it is about finding the right strategic fit.  That is why we will proactively and comprehensively search the market for the right opportunity, identifying companies that meet your acquisition criteria, genuinely want to sell and have sensible price expectations.   Through this work and our unique network, we are able to source acquisitions that clients would not be able to find themselves.  A large proportion of the deals we complete are never advertised.

The price and structure agreed with the vendor, and the way the deal is funded will play a huge part in the success of an acquisition.  We will help negotiate a price and structure that is both viable and fundable.  We will introduce our extensive network of funders who are actively looking to back such opportunities, providing solutions that are relevant, and meet our clients’ expectations.  We will help prepare a compelling business plan and generate competition between funders to get the best price

We are sufficiently confident we can do all of this to only charge a fee when we deliver a result.  We do not charge up front fees or retainers.  You will see from our past deals that we have a proven track record.  A failed acquisition risks damaging your business by diverting your attention away from the core business; it’s important to get it right.  

Actually completing an acquisition is just the start; what happens next will determine its success.  We will help you model the financial impact of combining the businesses to minimise risk and make sure the integration is both feasible and profitable.  

A good acquisition is well planned and executed.  The best results are achieved through focus, careful planning and a proactive approach.   We spend time and effort early in the process to flush out issues that might prevent the deal from happening, and resolve them quickly.

Throughout the process we understand that you still have a business to run.  We lead from the front to minimise the impact.

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For more information call us on Northampton 01604 660511 or Swindon 01793 719788 or Crawley 01293 804514

For more information call us on Northampton 01604 660511 or Swindon 01793 719788 or Crawley 01293 804514