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With the assistance of corporate finance specialists, Watersheds, Wellingborough based NDT Equipment Supplies Limited, have been acquired by new owners Richard Preston and Peter Dodd.

Trading since 1990, the company has extensive experience in supplying equipment for specialist, non-destructive testing and inspection techniques, X-rays, Gamma Rays, Ultrasonic, Eddy Current and Magnetic Particle, for example. The acquisition allows the founders, husband and wife team Anna and Ken Brimfield, to enjoy a phased retirement, continuing to work but not having the responsibility of running the business. They can enjoy the fruits of their labours, whilst securing a future for their staff, and caring for the wellbeing of customers and suppliers.

Richard and Peter came to Watersheds to assist them with a purchase of an engineering business they had identified, however it became clear that this company wasn’t right for them. They wanted a stable business that has a good reputation for delivering quality service, yet still has the potential to grow. A family run business was ideal and NDT ticked all the boxes.

NDT were introduced to Watersheds by their accountants, following successful completion of a deal for another client. The process was quick, taking some 10 weeks from introducing Peter and Richard to the Brimfields’, to completion. Confidentiality was maintained throughout the process, one of the merits of personal introductions.

William Senior, Partner at Watersheds, said: “We looked at several opportunities with Richard and Peter and are pleased to have found NDT. It was clear from the initial meeting that Richard and Peter and the Brimfields’, had great rapport and respect for each other, which is important when buying family businesses.”

Peter Dodd said “Richard and I wanted to run our own business. I am delighted. Watersheds work on a contingent fee basis, and this was essential for us in realising our dream. They put their money where their mouth is and delivered. Thank you Watersheds for making this happen.”

Legal advice was provided by DFA Law solicitors

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